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You can still find a load of information here, but this website will soon cease to exist. Head over to Daloop.io to see what we’re doing next - It’s being populated with glorious information and content and will answer the questions you have.

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The journey toward a zero-emission and more sustainable future has already begun. Is your fleet ready? Or is your organization going to be left behind?

Transition your fleet with confidence

Flow Sustainable Mobility Management Platform
  • Assess how much of your fleet should be electric, hybrid or ICE
  • Get recommendations on suitable EV models and ideal charging locations, including home charging
  • Track and report carbon emissions and fleet total cost of ownership
  • Manage vehicles (ICE, PHEV, and EVs) and consumption (Gas, Diesel, Electric) in one platform
All-in-one platform for fleet managers
  • Live Asset View

    Have confidence in the “up time” of your fleet and charging network through real time vehicle location, battery and fuel status and charging station availability.

  • All in One Fleet Metrics

    Track the metrics most important for your company. For example, CO2 Savings, €Savings on TCO, Cost per Vehicle Mile, Vehicle Fuel or Electric Consumption.

  • Access Control

    Design which vehicles or charging stations are available for users or groups of users.

  • Eco Driving and Alarms

    React to real time indicators of low battery or geofence issues. Determine driver performance score and how to improve their results.

  • Flexible Charging

    Support at home, at office or public charging. Reporting and reimbursements for employee home charging.

  • Mixed Fleet

    E-bikes, scooters and quadricycles are all becoming viable fleet options. Manage all mobility types within one view.

  • Insights and Reporting

    Operational insights such as Real Time vs Budgeted TCO, Charging Mix (Home, Office, Public) and Cost and various reporting dimensions such as cost center, geography, make/model.

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Forward-thinking vision and technology

Flow is uniquely qualified to deliver the industry’s first end-to-end Sustainable Mobility Resource Management solution.

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