Celebrating World EV Day 2021: Transitioning to Sustainable Mobility Can Benefit Organizations in Many Ways

  • World EV Day, Sept. 9, a Day to Focus on Adoption of Electric Vehicles 
  • Commercial Entities That Make the Switch See Increased Appeal 
  • Critical to Any Corporate Sustainability Initiative 

MATOSINHOS, Portugal — World EV Day, Sept. 9, 2021 — Organizations that have worked with GoWithFlow to adopt electric vehicles as part of their sustainable mobility initiative have seen the tangible monetary and environmental impacts of that decision, and World EV Day 2021 is a perfect opportunity to examine some of the other benefits that a fleet transition can drive. 

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are already proven to have lower running costs. A study by UK insurer Direct Line found that the average cost of operating an EV is 21% less than an internal combustion-engine vehicle.  

Companies that rely on Flow’s Sustainable Mobility Management technology platform to manage electric fleets and the charging infrastructure to support them have saved an average of 225€ per year per vehicle in operational costs.  

Additionally, these organizations have reduced vehicle fuel costs by 40 percent or more when they switched to electricity vs. fossil fuels, and they have eliminated as much as 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions for every vehicle they transition to electric. 

Consumer interest in buying an EV is also accelerating, up 21% year over year, according to the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility® report The Road Ahead for E-Mobility (December 2020). And more CXOs (42%) surveyed in the 2021 Deloitte Global Resilience Report, Building the Resilient Organization, ranked climate change and environmental sustainability the number one societal issue they’re facing than any other challenge. 

“We are at the perfect inflection point between consumer demand and corporate awareness for EV adoption,” said Tomas Edwards, head of marketing at GoWithFlow. “There are hard-number proof points validating the shift from fossil fuel to electric, such as proven cost savings and measurable reductions in carbon emissions. Now, we see our customers also benefit from reputational gains that can impact revenues as well as company culture.” 

For example, the Extracting Value from Decarbonization report from Deloitte (2020) found that: 

  • 80% of company executives say their brand was strengthened after their company committed to decarbonization targets 
  • 66% of consumers say they feel more positive about companies that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint 
  • More than 80% of consumers seek socially or environmentally responsible products whenever possible and would switch brands to support a good cause 

Choosing sustainable mobility can also have a direct impact on trading relationships. The Deloitte Global Resilience Report found that 28% of CXOs are currently encouraging or even requiring suppliers and partners to meet specific environmental-sustainability criteria. 

In just one example, a major global coffee company with its own goals to become 100% carbon neutral has asked its in-country delivery partners to also meet sustainability targets.  

One of those partner companies is a GoWithFlow customer, and they immediately launched a study of their corporate fleet to determine what vehicles could be electrified and in what timeframe. This took into account factors such as route distances, delivery schedules, availability of charging stations and customer needs.  

It found that 90% of the company’s fleet of 3,900 vehicles could be transitioned to electric without delay. Putting that in context, removing 3,510 gas- and diesel-powered vehicles from the road will prevent nearly 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide from going into the air. 

“Our customers are seeking solutions to control carbon emissions not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because like us, they believe in the vision of sustainability — for their businesses, for their employees and for the planet,” said André Dias, GoWithFlow founder and CTO. 

World EV Day was launched in 2020 by UK media company Green.TV as a day to celebrate emobility and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes. For more information about World EV Day, visit https://www.worldevday.org/. 

About GoWithFlow 

GoWithFlow and its Sustainable Mobility Management (SMM) platform help enterprises manage the transition of their fleet to low- or no-emission vehicles while reducing overall fleet and energy costs. Flow’s SMM provides an integrated view of vehicle and energy data, enabling fleet and facilities managers to plan and operate a network of combustion and electric vehicles along with managing fuel and electricity consumption. Named Portugal’s top cleantech startup in 2020. Flow’s majority shareholder is Galp, one of Europe’s energy companies leading the transition into renewable energy and sustainable fuels. For more information, visit https://gowithflow.io