Want to be recognized as bringing cost-effective, bottom line-impacting sustainability to your organization?

Sustainable Mobility Resource Management will be most impactful for companies, organizations, and municipalities and government entities that view mobility and its corresponding impact on sustainability as a strategic business enabler.

Companies with SMRM success stories typically have

A directive to increase sustainability through the integration of electric vehicles into their fleets.
A desire to create or optimize their own charging infrastructure.
A commitment to making user-centric transportation better, faster and less expensive.
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Energy Management

“Not every group we operate does the same miles,” according to the fleet manager of a consumer perishable goods distributor with 540 EVs. “Some do 60-mile routes, some do 100. So we need to know every single detail about the charging to ensure each charging station pair has the appropriate mix of vehicles and energy delivery to keep them going.”

Case Studie

Fleet Management

“Our EV mobility program is part of a larger organizational sustainability initiative to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,” says a senior sustainability executive at a large utility company. “We use Flow’s SMRM solution to track cost savings associated with going electric. We manage all aspects of our 150-vehicle electric fleet, from vehicle tracking to energy consumption, driver behavior, and all aspects of managing our charging infrastructure.”