GoWithFlow Flow.IT Internship Program Celebrates the Next Generation of Sustainable Fleet Management

Portugal’s Top CleanTech Startup Launches Entry-Level Hiring Initiative  

MATOSINHOS, Portugal — April 22, 2021 — GoWithFlow, providing solutions that support organizations as they transition fleets to electric, announced today on Earth Day 2021 its internship program to give new computer science and engineering graduates an entry into Portugal’s leading cleantech startup

Over the past 12 months, fleet managers have used the Flow Sustainable Mobility Management (SMM) Platform to save an average of 225€ per fleet vehicle and reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by more than 5.000 tons. 

“Flow is building a team for the future of transportation, and we’re looking for people who have the skills, the talent and the attitude to help us fulfill our vision to change the way people move in a way that’s better for the environment, better for their companies, and even better for their health,” said Jane Hoffer, CEO at GoWithFlow. 

Flow’s SMM is a data-driven platform which uniquely manages the energy infrastructure needed for the user and the manager of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids in conjunction with the smart mobility planning required to determine what vehicles to replace and when. This all-in-one comprehensive approach gives fleet managers the insights to track and report carbon emissions and total cost of fleet ownership, and a way to manage all vehicles and fuel and energy consumption in one platform. 

“The Flow.IT tech internship program is an opportunity for recent graduates in computer science, informatics and electronic and computer engineering who are passionate about technology and sustainability, who want to be challenged every day, and who want to work with the latest technologies and help achieve something greater,” said André Dias, Flow’s co-founder and CTO

Flow uses leading-edge technologies in areas including IoT, machine learning and AI, micro-services and micro-frontends and DevOps, providing engineers with real-world implementation experience from day one. The intern positions are fully paid, with flexible and possible remote work, training programs and free access to Udemy training and education courses, along with full benefits and the perks of being part of a fast-growing startup such as free coffee breaks, happy hours and team-building outings.  

Specific openings are in backend engineering, quality assurance, analytics, DevOps, support analysis, and research and development in data science and IoT solutions. Candidates should be proficient in spoken and written English. More information about the internships and how to apply is available here

About GoWithFlow 

GoWithFlow and its Sustainable Mobility Management (SMM) platform helps enterprises manage the transition of their fleet to low- or no-emission vehicles while reducing overall fleet and energy costs. Flow’s SMM provides an integrated view of vehicle and energy data, enabling fleet and facilities managers to plan and operate a heterogeneous network of combustion and electric vehicles along with managing fuel and electricity consumption. Named Portugal’s top cleantech startup in 2020, Flow’s majority shareholder is Galp, one of Europe’s energy companies leading the transition into renewable energy and sustainable fuels. For more information, come gowithflow.io