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When we say we want to change the way people move for the better, that applies to us internally, too. Flow is building a team for the future of transportation, and we’re looking for people who have the skills, the talent and the attitude to help us fulfill that vision.

The successful

Flow employee is

Team oriented

Collaborative and respectful, we work hard and embrace conflict and discussion while maintaining a sense of humor. We are committed to making Flow, each other and our customers successful.

Problem Solver

A Flow employee is adaptable and finds creative ways to get things done, applying critical-thinking skills to analyze, identify and execute solutions to problems large and small.


We are risk takers, curiosity-driven self-starters who want to raise the bar. We are willing to dream and explore new ideas.


At Flow, we have a positive attitude while being objective. We take full responsibility for our actions, are accountable to all our stakeholders, and work autonomously and collaboratively toward a common goal.