Data Driven for Sustainable Decision-Making

The Flow solution is built on our proprietary Sustainable Mobility Management Platform, a data-centric architecture that addresses core operational, management and analytical needs of our customers’ mobility initiatives.

This unique way of integrating data is the “secret sauce” that gives you the control you need. This engine drives your SMRM solution and integrates the components of Flow’s solution as well as the other technology you may already have in place. The Flow SMM Platform combines telematics (real-time data from vehicles and other devices) with comprehensive interfaces and strong analytical capabilities to provide key real-time and historical information to serves operational and business purposes.

Visualization, Analysis and Control
Mobility Planning
  • Fleet Profile
  • Infrastructure
  • Modelling
Energy Management
  • Public/Private Charging
  • Reservations
  • Load Balancing
Fleet Management
  • Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Pool & Carsharing
Mobility Services
  • Public Transit
  • Micro-mobility
  • Ride Hailing
Transaction Management
  • Mobility Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Payment/Invoicing
Real-Time Mobility Data Model
Device Integration
EVs & ICEs
Public Transit