The industry’s first Sustainable Mobility Management Solution

The practice of Sustainable Mobility Resource Management (SMRM) is akin to the standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) discipline: Define all the business areas that, when united and effectively interconnected, deliver quantifiable benefits to the bottom line.

A SMRM system uses a centralized database to house information from all the various elements of mobility. This opens a window into real-time data and to make rapid and effective decisions for improvements or alterations.

Flow helps enterprises realize operational, financial and environmental goals using a Sustainable Mobility Resource Management framework.

We do this through strategic design and implementation of a technology-enabled sustainable mobility management program that flexes as your business grows and changes. Flow’s Sustainable Mobility Management System is delivered via our unique “all in one” monthly subscription that can include charging station hardware, setup and integration services as well as all fleet management and mobility services.

Flow’s Sustainable Mobility Management

The Flow

Identify the scenarios that best meet your sustainability and business-specific objectives.

This SMRM Plan is built using your current data — number and types of vehicles, charging management infrastructure, energy and fuel consumption and expenses, user and customer demands, business and departmental objectives — everything that comprises your existing transportation system. And then it includes critical external data like the energy costs, costs of buying vs. leasing electric vehicles, charging stations, public transportation.

Determine specific steps and drive toward achieving your sustainable mobility goals.

You may start with basic Electrified Fleet Management, determining what percentage of your transportation assets should be electrified, how to charge them reliably and efficiently, and how to utilize them in the most cost-effective way. You may already have a charging infrastructure in place. We’ll work with you to build or integrate the SMRM solution for your needs.

Benchmark using real-time data analysis to assess and improve continuously.

Benchmark using real-time data analysis to assess and improve continuously.