Fleet Management

Any fleet must be managed on two fronts: the vehicles themselves and the fuel source. With Flow’s Fleet Management, you will have real-time control over everything from vehicle maintenance and repair, alarms management and CO2 reduction impact assessments to micro-mobility options, corporate pool, car-sharing and dual-use programs, which can enable you to offer car-use and charging as an employee perk.

And it’s not just electric fleets — our enterprise-class fleet management solution encompasses all vehicles, helping you make decisions about which cars or trucks make the most sense for what tasks, and even which is the most efficient based on current fuel or energy costs.

Key features of Flow’s Fleet Management functionality include:

Maintenance Management

Align with owned or lease schedules to ensure reliability

Alarms and Access Management

Secure assets and keep them available

CO2 Reduction Impact Assessment

Measure greenhouse-gas reductions

Corporate Carpool and Car-Sharing

Reserve, coordinate and optimize sharing options

Dual-Use Programs

Get more use of your fleet with after-hours utilization

And don’t forget micro-mobility options like scooters, e-bikes and even bicycles. Flow’s Fleet Management encompasses them all, shifting resources to where they make the most sense for the business, for your employees, and for your customers.