Mobility Planning

You have an organizational directive to become more sustainable, and transportation is a big part of the near-term opportunity to make a substantial impact.

Working with Flow and our four-step process, we’ll build a Sustainable Mobility Management Plan with measurable goals to achieve your business objectives.

Kickoff Workshop, Part I

The half-day kickoff session brings together key decision-makers within your organization and the Flow account and technical teams. There is some pre-session homework for you, and then we’ll work together to understand your company’s sustainability mission and the corporate objectives; your specific departmental or group goals and needs; and timeframes for project phases.

Data Collection and Analysis

Once we understand your vision and requirements, we’ll then work to identify the data points available and needed to make qualified and constructive decisions. And we’ll map out a timeline for obtaining the data and beginning the critical number-crunching that will help prioritize and stage your sustainable mobility program.

Modelling Scenarios

Using our proprietary data-centric Sustainable Mobility Management Platform, we’ll create a series of “What if” scenarios to identify and make recommendations about the potential effects and ramifications on various end goals.

Best-Case Plan — Kickoff Workshop, Part II

Armed with knowledge, we’ll convene a second time to review various planning scenarios based on your initial objectives. And then we’ll work together to determine the best way to move forward, taking into account costs, timing and objectives.

Then the real fun begins.