Transaction Management

For organizations farther along the path toward sustainable mobility maturity, Transaction Management is the way toward creating loyalty programs that reward your customers, your employees and even your business partners. By bundling mobility services onto a user platform, a fully functional Sustainable Mobility Resource Management solution can handle payment processing, invoicing and user profile management to turn mobility into money.

Key features of the Flow Transaction Management offering include:

User Access and Control

  • RFID on charging station and/or mobile app
  • Local and remote user prioritization supported
  • Optimization of charging station access (reservation/queueing)
  • Structuring of electric mobility accounts considering different variables like business segments, definition of consumption ceilings per card or vehicle, and differing rules for different users


  • Pre-paid (including ad hoc charging) and post-paid support
  • Ability to create loyalty schemes or payment system based on credits (or minutes or kWh)
  • Support to most relevant local and international payment gateways (e.g., Braintree and Stripe)
  • Certified integration with invoicing gateways

Taking sustainable mobility that last mile connects your business and your end user, whoever they are. The ability to seamlessly manage data across the mobility continuum provides a gateway to revenue generation, not just cost savings.